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Voice-recognition software allows them to talk into a microphone and. A blog from Landmark College with regular updates on news about how technology can help people with learning disabilities: / Lisa.

The program, Dragon Naturally Speaking, which converts a student’s speech into text, is being used by a number of schools to help students with learning disabilities write down their ideas. Free software on AccessApps and.

According to, “While a learning disability is the result of an electrical or wiring (hardware) or a processing (software) problem, ADD is really a chemical problem.” With that said, a learning disability is the result of a.

BrainMaster is your single source provider for neurofeedback, biofeedback, hardware, QEEG, assessment tools, software, games and accessories.

You can reach her at [email protected] Thousands of federal public servants across Canada are unable to utilize internal government software programs and. I lost my job," said Shorter, who has a learning disability and difficulties using.

Assistive Writing Speech recognition is often considered as an assistive writing tool for people with Learning Disabilities such as: Dyslexia– a language-based.

Assistive Writing Speech recognition is often considered as an assistive writing tool for people with Learning Disabilities such as: Dyslexia– a language-based.

Speech Recognition Software for Special Education. Relief for the Struggling Student. For those who truly struggle to communicate in writing because of a learning.

Software Learning Disabilities. Kurzweil 3000 Software for Learning Disabilities. By Elizabeth Gertsch. 3:44 | 11,039 Views Learning devices and software to support.

Reassured by the consultant that anyone with a good idea could produce an app, Hingorani hired a programmer with an educational background to develop the software while he. serves children with severe learning disabilities or.

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Ghotit Real Writer & Reader software includes advanced writing and. dysgraphia and other learning disabilities such as the ADD and ADHD learning disabilities.

His job is to stay on top of the latest in adaptive tech – anything from software to helpful gadgets to iPads. People come to him looking for help with conditions.

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Online Learning Tools & Software. educational training products for the dedicated people working with those affected by autism and other developmental disabilities.

The software has gamelike elements designed to help learners. The company.

To that end, the school provides a wide array of assistive equipment on its campuses for students with physical and learning disabilities. This includes a variety of screen-reading software for students with learning disabilities,

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WeMedia: The text reading software with this program is enclosed in a browser, Aurora: Designed for people with learning disabilities and dyslexia,

Signs your child has a learning disability. character recognition software which allows a user to scan printed material into a computer and can be read aloud via speech synthesis. “We don’t want that learning disability to stop the child.

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Most of the 3 percent or so of teens who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities struggle. what they need," such as note takers or special software, says Jane Daigneault, coordinator of disability services at Clark University in.

The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’s software used. designated for various disabilities. White is for visually impaired, blue is for multiple disability, pink is for low vision, green is for orthopaedic challenges and yellow is for learning disabilities.

inov8 Educational Consulting Innovation in special. Software for Students with Learning. recommend for students with learning disabilities.

The technology, Greenhow added, also has implications for telecommuters working remotely and students with disabilities or who are ill. MSU’s College of.

The past school year was dismal for my son. His teachers were in constant contact with me attempting to determine why he was not living up to his potential. “He’s.

Technological solutions for people with learning disabilities can improve their quality of life and assist them to feel more confident in a regular learning environment.

v In recent years, standardized assessment practices for identification of students with Learning Disabilities (LD) have been adopted by all California community.

Jan 07, 2011  · FOCUS At Landmark, for students with A.D.H.D. and learning disabilities, strategies are developed to deal with attention and productivity issues.

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YouTube isn’t subject to those rules, but thanks to Google’s machine-learning. processing software developed.

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Assistive Electronic Devices and Software. (PC) can be the backbone of independence for millions of individuals with sensory, physical, and learning disabilities.

Effective Reading Interventions for Kids with Learning. But my daughter has a learning disability and. research on effective reading interventions for.

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The Math Learning Coordinator is a full time faculty member. A sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse.

Learn how to be a wise consumer of educational software advertised as being effective for kids with learning disabilities.

Candace Cortiella: Parents should be cautious about treatments that are promoted as a cure for learning disabilities. While some medical. “Cure” therapies — including computer software, one-size-fits-all reading programs, restricted.